What is text messaging?

Text messaging, or SMS (Short Message Service), lets you send and receive short written messages through your phone to and from other compatible UK mobile phones.

What equipment do I need for text messaging?

To receive and send text messages you just need the right kind of phone. Most of today's phones are compatible with the service.

Can I send text messages to foreign networks?

Yes. You can text to any compatible phone on any network that allows text messaging.

What is mobile email?

Mobile email lets friends and colleagues send email from their computers straight to your phone, and you can email anywhere in the world without having to use a PC. In fact anyone with an email account can now reach you.

What is 'roaming'?

This lets you make and receive calls while you're abroad by connecting them through a network in the country you're visiting. Your home network would need to have an agreement with the network you are visiting in order for you to roam.

How much will it cost to use my phone abroad?

Although there is no set up or connection charge, you may be asked for a deposit. Your call charges will depend on the country you're in and while you're abroad you'll have to pay for the calls you receive as well as those you make.

How do I arrange to use my phone abroad?

You'll need to contact Peach Telecom prior to travelling.

Do I need a special phone to use abroad?

Phone networks in different countries use different frequencies, so depending on where you're going you might need a dual band phone. Most new phones are dual band and will automatically swap between the frequencies available. However, you may still not be able to use your phone in the USA, where some networks use 1900MHz (in which case you will need a tri-band phone).

What is voicemail?

Voicemail is an answering machine for your mobile. It takes a message if you're on another call, if you can't take a call, or when your phone is switched off.

How do I set up voicemail?

Voicemail is generally set up and ready to use when you buy a package. However if you are having difficulty then contact Peach Telecom.

How do I use voicemail?

Just press and hold the voicemail key and you'll hear any new messages followed by a recorded menu of options. Read the mobile handset manual to find the voicemail key.

How do I know if I have messages?

A message or an indicator on your phone shows you've received a voicemail message.

How do I check my messages?

Just press and hold the voicemail key (read mobile handset manual to find voicemail key) and you'll hear a recorded menu of options. Your voicemail will play any new messages and you can hear saved ones.

How do I record a personal greeting?

A personal greeting lets callers know they're through to the right person. To record your personal greeting, call your voicemail, listen to the announcement and select the option for recording a personal greeting. Record your message. It's simple to do it again if you don't like it.

What are diverts?

Diverts are settings in your phone which tell it how to deal with incoming calls. You could divert all calls, or all unanswered calls, to voicemail, or you can divert calls to another number. Unless you change your call divert settings they will divert calls to your voicemail if you are unavailable.

How do I know if I have coverage in my area?

Check with the network operator by providing them with your postcode. They will be able to confirm whether you can make a call from your area. You can also ask their dealer shops for the same information.

What is coverage?

This refers to a network service being available at a suitable signal level allowing a mobile call to be connected.

What is an acceptable coverage level?

Generally network operators plan to provide In-building coverage level for residential areas and Outdoor coverage level for the roads. Basically with In-building coverage level you will be able to make a call from inside your house. However with outdoor coverage level this is mostly restricted to inside your car or outdoors.

What do I need to transfer my number?

You'll need a code from your current mobile operator called a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code). You'll be able to get this by calling them directly or going into your nearest retailer who'll be able to request it for you.

What is my PAC for?

Your PAC is a passport to transfer your number from your current mobile operator. It gives you permission to leave them and allows your new mobile operator to transfer your number. Once your PAC is issued it's only valid for 30 days, so please use it quickly. After 30 days your PAC will become invalid and you'll need to request a new one.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel my transfer request?

Most operators allow you to change your mind up until the point you get your text message confirming the day your transfer will take place. However please check with your new mobile operator.

What could stop me transferring my number?

There could be two reasons: your number has been disconnected or you have a minimum term contract with your current mobile operator and you have outstanding subscription charges.

What is GPRS?

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a method of accelerating data transmission speeds for mobile communications. Faster connections mean information delivery speeds approaching that of PC modems. GPRS is a crucial stepping stone towards the even faster speeds of third generation (3G) of mobile services.

What can GPRS do?

It offers the potential for faster downloading and exchanging of information giving users more convenient wireless connections for data, fax and internet calls.


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